Chris Cruz

Fun loving, hard worker, 10 year golf novice, 15 year novice surfer - Down to earth, trusting, honest with a bit of wild side.

What I’m doing now

(This is a now page, and if you have your own site, you should make one, too.)

I’m home in St. Augustine, FL. I have recently purchased a beach home on Crescent Beach which is amazing. I have always wanted to live near the beach and now I have made that dream come true!

I've recently failed out of MBA program at FAU (stopped going to classes), opened up a business (Grande Royal Escape), and started an APP (Popppins) while working at my full time job at CSX. These past couple of months have been an amazing expierence, and has been a true test to determine if the lifestyle of an entrepreneur is for me. This is a lonely life, but for me that's okay. I was raised extremely independent and do not like anyone telling me what to do, so if that means I work longer hours, so one day I can run my company full time, I'm all in baby!

So now I am:

  1. Completing a build out for Grande Royal Escape - I post daily to SnapChat @chrispopppins. There is going to be a zombie room and a British Spy room. Super excited!!!
  2. Working with my programmer in Russia to develop a gifting app. (I was tired of searching through a dozen of online images, so I'm creating an app for someone to send me gifting ideas and I can select them and send to my loved ones)
  3. Listening to podcasts, mostly Tim Ferris (Derek Sivers and Tim F. one was great!) and following Gary Vee on YouTube while commuting an hour to my day job. (Gary and Tim are both amazing people - well, I haven't meet them but in all the content they seem to be great guys)

My Dream - I want to impact people's lives by doing good deeds, and being positive about every life challenge. I really think people who are driven, smart, and good hearted can have a powerful impact over those who dwell in the negative.

When not working, I try to walk on the beach, surf, hangout with my pups, golf, bike ride, run, camp, hang out with friends, and BBQ.

Listening to mostly pandora, and my stations range from Tom Petty, 2000 hip hop (for working out), BBQ hip hop, Bob Marley, Today's Hits Radio, Incubus Radio, Jimmy Buffet, and now this time of year you have to throw in the Christmas Radio.

This update was December 15th, 2016 (My Niece's Birthday - Happy Birthday Tiana!).